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“German Town The Lost Story Of Seaford Town Jamaica” is a documentary that explores the history of German heritage and history within Westmoreland Jamaica.

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5 responses to “View the Trailer

  1. My mother’s family is from Seaford Town, but we’ve never seen much on the Germans from there. I would love to see this documentary in full. Please bring it to New York. It’s a long time in coming..

    • We are trying hard to get it to New York state. If you know any venue or organizations that would be interested in screening the project please let me know and I will do all I can to get the project over that way-David Ritter

  2. My grandmother came from Seaford Town and settled in the Bronx, then Sarnia, Ontario and then Lindenhurst in NY. She died 3 days short of her 106 birthday. In NY. My 89 year old Mom visited there twice as a child. We know nothing of their history. Their last name was Kamicka (sp).she was Ruth, mother Annie, brothers Reggie,Levi, Basile, sister maybe Eva. Would love to see or buy the DVD.

    • I would love to get you a copy but the best way to see this program is on at a screening. please check the screening dates and attend one close to you. If you dont see a date in your region please contact me and I will do what i can to organize a screening in your area – David Ritter

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